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Temperature and Distance Data Update

More Data Added

Since this post we have added all data for the wetsuit property. We have added as much temperature and distance data as we have available, which is mostly complete with the notable exception of 2009. If you are relying on a piece of data to complete your analysis you should check it first exists using the exists filter.

Statistics API Data Update

We have begun to add data for atmospheric conditions and distance for each result. The new event properties are listed below (we will leave these from the official documentation until we complete the historical data import).

  • temperature.air (num) air temperature in degrees Celsius
  • temperature.water (num) water temperature in degrees Celsius
  • splits.swim_distance (num) swim distance in meters
  • splits.bike_distance (num) bike distance in km
  • splits.run_distance (num) run distance in meters
  • program.wetsuit (boolean) true or false whether wetsuits were allowed

For example the following query will find the warmest water temperature where a wetsuit was permitted (currently will only be 2015 data).

curl --header "apikey: [[app:key]]" "https://proxy.api.triathlon.org/v1/statistics/results?analysis=maximum&target_property=temperature.water&filters=program.wetsuit,eq,true"



2015 Temperature and Distance Data