Streaming API Overview

The Streaming API allows developers to integrate real-time streaming data into their applications. Live timing and twitter commentary are delivered via a websocket connection for all supported live events.


Stream live data directly into your application

The websocket endpoint for all connections is wss:// The Websocket echo test can be used for debugging. The Streaming API currently does not require any authentication and any usage is subject to the general terms and conditions.

Usage with Live REST API

The Streaming API complements the Live API in that the Live API is generally used to load an initial state and then all future updates are obtained via the Streaming API.

For example for live timing data, data is only pushed at periodic intervals corresponding to timing interactions therefore to avoid delay in displaying timing data you should first load the /live/timing data and update this data from the streaming API.

Websocket Libraries

For front-end Javascript applications we recommend the ReconnectingWebSocket library which will handle the reconnection of the websocket should a client become disconnected.