Using Postman to Explore the Triathlon API

For many of the APIs there is a Run in Postman link that will import a predefined collection into the Postman API client providing a simple interface into each APIs methods as well as all parameters that are available. The Postman app is available for Windows, Mac as well as a Chrome extension.

For each API in the overview section you will notice a Run in Postman button like the one below that will import the Athletes API collection into Postman.

Run in Postman

Upon importing the collection you will be greeted with a screen similar to the below. Note that on the left pane you will see all 13 available requests to the Athlete API available and choosing Athlete Listings for example and expanding the Params button you will see all available parameters that may be set.


Importing the Athlete API to Postman

Adding Authentication Information

In order to access the API you will need to add your API key obtained from the Application Management Portal of the API. Postman has been configured as above to send the required header of apikey by using a Postman environment variable to save you adding the authentication information to each request. It is suggested you add a Global environment variable of apikey set to the value of your unique API key. For information on how to achieve this please see this document.

Available Collections

The following collections are Postman ready and we will add the remaining APIs and a single overall collection shortly.

API NamePostman Collection
Athletes APIRun in Postman
Events APIRun in Postman
Rankings APIRun in Postman
Team APIRun in Postman
Federation APIRun in Postman