Athlete Ranking Breakdown

This Athlete Ranking Breakdown method returns detailed ranking information for an athlete. It provides the result of all events that are contained within a ranking criteria and contains detailed information as to the status of that event.

A basic athlete object and ranking listing object are returned with all rankings details contained within the breakdown object.

The output of the breakdown object is ranking specific and you should consult each ranking criteria for more information but the following guidelines may be used:


Periods are statically defined

The terms current period and previous period are statically defined; they will always refer to the first period and second period for scoring.

  • For events with multiple periods the current period is designated as 1 and the prior period 2.
  • The event type corresponds to the points level listed on each ranking criteria which is used to determine the number of scoring positions and maximum number of points.
  • For some ranking criteria the results of the event are modified according to the ranking criteria (e.g. where non-continental athletes are in the results of a Continental event). In these cases the prog_id refers to the results used and the original results are available in the override_prog_id. Similarly the override_prog_time and original_position may be used for the raw non-modified data.
  • The boolean include value displays whether this score has been included in the ranking score
  • For events that are within a separate event e.g. a National Championship event taking place in a Continental Cup the event_container key will show the event_id of the containing event.
  • If the event has been modified and a deduction is applicable the % deduction will be shown
  • The notes key contains specific information as to why the score has not been included if applicable

For further information about each event you may also consult the Ranking Events method.

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