Rankings API Overview

The Rankings API allows programmatic access to the latest ranking data to enable rankings presentations and enhanced analysis.


All Ranking information is available via the Rankings API

Available Rankings

The table below displays a quick breakdown of all available rankings and their associated ids required for access (note: this is essentially the information provided in the /rankings API call).


You may use the Subscription API to be notified when Rankings are run and published

Ranking IDCategoryRegionProgram
1Paratriathlon-Male PT1
2Paratriathlon-Male PT2
3Paratriathlon-Male PT3
4Paratriathlon-Male PT4
5Paratriathlon-Male PT5
6Paratriathlon-Female PT1
7Paratriathlon-Female PT2
8Paratriathlon-Female PT3
9Paratriathlon-Female PT4
10Paratriathlon-Female PT5
11Olympic-Elite Men
12Olympic-Elite Women
13Points List-Elite Men
14Points List-Elite Women
15World Triathlon Series-Elite Men
16World Triathlon Series-Elite Women
17Duathlon-Elite Men
18Duathlon-Elite Women
19Long Distance Triathlon-Elite Men
20Long Distance Triathlon-Elite Women
21Junior ContinentalAmericasJunior Men
22Junior ContinentalAmericasJunior Women
23Junior ContinentalEuropeJunior Men
24Junior ContinentalEuropeJunior Women
25Winter Triathlon-Elite Men
26Winter Triathlon-Elite Women
27Continental RankingsEuropeElite Men
28Continental RankingsEuropeElite Women
29Paralympic Qualification-Female PT2
30Paralympic Qualification-Female PT4
31Paralympic Qualification-Female PT5
32Paralympic Qualification-Male PT1
33Paralympic Qualification-Male PT2
34Paralympic Qualification-Male PT4
35Continental Points ListEuropeElite Men
36Continental Points ListEuropeElite Women
37Continental Points ListAmericasElite Men
38Continental Points ListAmericasElite Women
39Continental Points ListAfricaElite Men
40Continental Points ListAfricaElite Women
41Continental Points ListAsiaElite Men
42Continental Points ListAsiaElite Women
43Continental Points ListOceaniaElite Men
44Continental Points ListOceaniaElite Women