Live Timing

The Live Timing method returns full timing data from the requested prog_id (i.e. a single race at an event such as elite men).

The above example is a curtailed response and a full timing message that corresponds to the final results may be found here.

It is recommended that you use this endpoint to determine the initial state of timing and then receive all future updates through the Streaming API or Subscription API.


Live Timing Standard

For a much more detailed explanation of parameters and variables please review the live timing standard documentation here.

The latest object contains information about the latest timing point and is used to produce automatically updating leaderboards. As athletes are ordered in position at the latest segment it is trivial to output the timing data for the latest segment using the num_athletes variable.


When start lists have been produced an initial timing export will be available. In such circumstances athletes will be ordered via start number and the status will be set as prerace. This prerace data may be updated to reflect a change in the status of the athlete i.e. DNS or to a change in the planned start time. Once the race is underway the status will change to live and the start_time will reflect the actual start time such that the duration of the race can be determined. Where information is not yet available i.e conditions and wetsuit information a value of null will be provided.


Start lists also available via Program Entries method

The status field contains other information about the athlete during the race such as race incidents or penalties acquired.

For more information please consult this post or the Live Timing Standard.

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