Event Listings

The Event Listings method returns a paginated, filterable list of basic event objects matching the search criteria.

The following example list all 2015 World Triathlon Series events.

curl --header "apikey: [[app:key]]" https://api.triathlon.org/v1/events?category_id=351&start_date=2015-01-01&end_date=2016-01-01

The category_id(https://developers.triathlon.org/docs/event-specifications) and specification_id(https://developers.triathlon.org/docs/event-specifications) parameters may be sourced from the respective API methods.

The nameparameter performs a search that matches any part of the event name. Whilst the search is fuzzy, typos are not considered and only direct matches are returned. For a better search experience, more suitable for user-defined input, it is recommended to use the Search API.

The start_date and end_date both expressed in yyyy-mm-dd format limit results by date. Only one parameter may be specified e.g. to find all events in the future simply the start_date param would be set.

The region_id parameter uses values from the Federation Region Listings method.

For many parameters you may supply a pipe delimited list of values to return multiple events, category_ids or specification_ids. For example another way to return all 2015 World Triathlon Series events by explicitly listing their event_id's would be:

curl --header "apikey: [[app:key]]" https://api.triathlon.org/v1/events?event_id=91028|90161|90162|90163|90164|91029|90165|90166|90167|90168

You may order the dates in either ascending or descending order by specifying the order parameter as either asc or desc.

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