The following properties are available for use in your analysis. If the property does not have a value e.g. a non-finisher who did not complete the swim the property does not exist. You may check for existence using the exists filter. It is possible some athlete split times are not recorded due to timing failures.


Unexpected Results

In certain instances data is affected by specific race details e.g. unexpected course distances based on event format or shortened discliplines. While distance information is not available via the program properties you will need to sense-check any results and confirm by visiting the corresponding results page on

Property NameTypeDescription
result_idnumThe unique id associated with the result
positionnumThe finishing position of the athlete (non finishes are stored as strings and are ignored in most analysis types)
typestringThe type of program (e.g. Triathlon)
formatstringThe format of the program (e.g. Sprint, Standard)
datestringThe date that the race occurred
yearnumThe numeric year that the result occured
monthnumThe numeric month that the result occurred
finish_timenumThe finish time of the athlete in seconds
athlete_idnumThe unique id of the athlete
athlete.namestringThe full name of the athlete
athlete.firststringThe first name of the athlete
athlete.laststringThe last name of the athlete
athlete.countrystringThe three letter NOC country code of the athlete
athlete.genderstringThe gender of the athlete (male or female)
athlete.agenumThe age of the athlete in years at the time of the race
athlete.age_daysnumThe age of the athlete in days at the time of the race
event.idnumThe unique id of the event
event.namestringThe name of the event
event.countrystringThe three letter NOC country code of the event
event.venuestringThe city of the event
event.regionstringThe region of the event
event.categorieslistA list of categories for the event
event.specificationslistA list of specifications for the event
program.idnumThe unique id of the race
program.namestringThe name of the race within the event
program.start_timenumThe start time of the race (in seconds past midnight local time)
program.wetsuitbooleanTrue or false whether wetsuits were permitted
splits.swimnumThe swim time in seconds
splits.swim_distancenumSwim distance in meters
splits.bikenumThe bike time in seconds
splits.bike_distancenumThe bike distance in km
splits.runnumThe run time in seconds
splits.run_distancenumThe run distance in meters
splits.t1numThe t1 time in seconds
splits.t2numThe t2 time in seconds
temperature.airnumThe air temperature in degrees Celsius
temperature.waternumThe water temperature in degrees Celsius
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